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We’re so disconnected from nature that we have an ambivalence toward climate change.

Climate change will change everything including our politics and economy.

The businesses that caused climate change have moved on from denying climate change’s existence to cashing in on fighting climate change.

Ocean levels rising due to climate change are creating new shorelines.

In Puerto Rico, things are a lot worse than we know.

With hurricane season approaching, it’s likely to keep getting worse and worse and worse.

Australia is keeping immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers out of sight and out of mind.

The Honduran elections ended with deadly violence and a strengthening of a grip on power by the US-backed government.

Trump's wall can be destroyed a lot easier than bad immigration policies can.

Payday loan and rent-a-centers gouge the most vulnerable with ridiculous interest rates.

Lead-poisoned water isn’t only for Flint any more. It’s come to a community near you.

Bipartisan support for means-testing of social services is hurting the poor.

Andrew Cuomo sides with the very conservatives who he claims to challenge at every opportunity he can in the media.

The olympics are bad for cities.

Appalachia is a lot more progressive than liberals think it is - and you could see that in the West Virginia teachers’ strike.

Liberalism has completely and utterly failed.

Labor protests in Iran that are about a lot more than just the protesters bottom line.

Unions invest pension funds in Wall Street which works hard to undermine workers rights, pay and benefits.

That future is now under threat more than ever with the recent Janus ruling by the Supreme Court.

As mandatory arbitration destroys workers’ rights, corporate wellness programs are bad for workers’ health.

The largest US corporations who are engaging in billions of dollars of worker wage theft to line the pockets of their fabulously wealthy CEOs.

There is a capitalist way to get some of that power back. Maybe.

And the tech industry is starting to unionize, too.

The concentration of corporate power at companies like Amazon have been horrible for consumers, too.

Localization might combat fascism.

Maybe radical geography can change the world - and ‘zones to defend’ could be part of that radical geography.

We have been cursed by bipartisanism and BOTH parties agreeing on the bad ideas embraced by neoliberalism.

Neoliberalism is making us all very unhappy, even depressed.

Consciousness is merely part of nature, just like we are

However, there is a radical nature to happiness that can free us all from our daily sorrows.

Or we can confront our sad state with the extreme power of empathy.

That said, sadly, human rights are spreading neoliberalism, too.

If it wasn’t for slavery, the British and American empires would have failed, as would have all of capitalism.

The US and the rest of the Global North imposes inequality on poor countries through an unfair system we like to call ‘development.’

Guns can turn us into a—holes while turning huge profits for the far-right.

The rise of the far-right in Europe is due to budget tightening through austerity.

This creeping authoritarianism has been happening since 9/11 and the US and UK’s reaction to those attacks.

Corporations are remaking the United States one state at a time, changing the rules and laws to benefit them while disadvantaging everyone else.

And don’t forget, the far-right isn’t just a bunch of dudes with small penises trying to overcome their shortcomings. There are women on the far-right, too.

The far right movement is doomed to fail.

Native Americans might finally have the food sovereignty they’ve fought for since Europeans showed up.

The culture of agriculture is fading into history as quickly as the American farmer becomes automated - like inequality has become automated.

Trump’s policies are actually going to make it even worse for US farmers who are now killing themselves at astonishing rates.

The World Bank is threatening traditional farming all over the planet leading to hundreds of thousands more farmer suicides.

Christianity rose to power not by winning some intellectual debate with the classical world but destroying it.

Even our understanding of human origins is mired in bias caused by the Christian European tradition.

We still need to learn how to talk about race.

African-American and Latinx history is everyone’s history, no matter your race.

Black women played a dominant role in the black nationalist movement.

Black Power movement wasn't as sexist and dominated by men as we've been told and taught.

Black radical thought is the only way to bring about real transformative change.

The FBI's Black Identity Extremism categorization is criminalizing dissent

The Chicago Police Department’s gang database includes, well, just about everyone.

It’s also no wonder then that some Black people have given up on talking to White people about race. - especially when you consider militarism and the war economy that whitey supports are contributing to racism, and causing devastating inequality, poverty and criminalization of the poor.

In the Trump era, we are on a rendezvous with oblivion.

The scariest thing about Trump is not Trump, but that Trumpism started in 1990 and the Democrats didn’t do a damn thing about it.

New Orleans has gone to war against strippers.

The culture wars are back.

The Internet is nothing more than a secret military plot to spy on everyone in order for the government to be able to control us.

Elon Musk is a tool and so are all those jerks who call themselves disruptors.

We get Brazil and Venezuela completely wrong when we see it through the eyes of the New York Times and the Guardian.

Millennials are different than every generation that proceed them.

Teenagers today do have something in common with all teenagers before them… their brains are still developing which explains A LOT

The Zapatista had an all-women conference that attracted women from all over the world.

Cuba has an offline Internet - while the intellectual dark web here in the States is neither intellectual or dark.

Latinx baseball players face massive discrimination.

Protest in the US is being commodified.

Politics should not be seen as exceptional.

Hungary voted that guy back into power who acts an awful lot like a fear-mongering hate-filled dictator — who thinks George Soros is far more evil than he is, yet he’s still far more evil than Chelsea Clinton believes.

There’s plenty of confusion about Italy’s new government headed by the Five-Star movement but that confusion is starting to turn into fear for Italy’s future.

The Russian left has no good options.

If all that weren’t bad enough, the biggest problem identity politics faces may be identity politics themselves.

Maybe it IS time to give socialism a chance.

The new left in France has the same old problems as the old left.

Black farmers settled the US Great Lakes region, experiencing equality and freedom only to be wiped out by resurgent racism in the early 20th century.

Americans have already built a wall of indifference between themselves and the rest of the world.

THE Electronic Frontier Foundation is a corporate front for Google and Facebook.

A recycler is in prison for trying to save us from electronic waste.

Flint’s toxic water crisis can happen to any city unless federal and state officials recalibrate their responsibility to local governments.

THE end of civilization is coming soon which means it’s time to consider what we want the new civilization to be.

A revolution is happening right now… and it might be the alternative system we’ve been waiting for.

Degenrate artists are fighting fascism in the age of Trump.

Human activity is accelerating changes — evolutionary changes — and we better start learning how to live with this new nature before it’s too late.

THE militarized corporatized sports industry is in stark contrast to the black athlete’s heritage of standing up to racism and injustice.

Violenceand catastrophe are the ONLY two ways inequality has ever been successfully addressed.

Government surveillance is everywhere and it's too late to do something about it.

An anti-capitalist science-fiction comedy can be a very entertaining movie.

A social-ecological revolution could be taking place.

Black and trans identity have a lot more in common than you think… and those commonalities can reveal to us the flexibility of terms we use to exclude.

A new prostitution ordinance in Chicago resembles anti-prostitution ordinances across the country that even anti-trafficking groups oppose.

The western media refused to cover Brazil’s coup until it was too late.

Art and money have a weird relationship that reveals we may need to get rid of both.

A new revolutionary manifesto will not sit well with liberals here in the United States.

Black radicalism may be the only thing that can save us.

Capitalism can no longer afford its addiction to energy.

Real estate speculation is disastrous for Detroit’s neighborhoods.

Anti-authoritarianism has been labeled a mental disorder in the US.

Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy.

Quality and accessible childcare is not a priority in the US.

Europe is making their border crisis the world’s border crisis.

Protesters in the US are going after the people profiting from abusive immigration policy.

America’s discrimination toward obese people is deadly.

Neoliberalism is turning us all into horrible human beings.

US prisons target black militants for abuse.

The jury’s still out on Mexico's new president.

Housing discrimination persists in the US.

Brazil elected a fascist.

There is a new way to live in Detroit.

Chicago covers up police crime.

if you really want immigration reform, Abolish ICE.

A corporate centrist group is working real hard to erase discussions of gender, class and race from US politics.

Lots of voter suppression happened on Election Day here in the States.

What’s the point in voting when both parties suck.

Austerity imposed on Greece has actually led to increasing that nation’s debt.

Cuba’s working on a new constitution.

The migrant caravan is for all workers.

Cops are linked to White supremacy.

We misunderstand Black history.

The American dream died long ago.

Africa exists outside our imagination.

The migrant caravan is a revolution in organizing that the establishment media can’t wrap its head around.

Localization and municipalism sound great until your local municipality is full of fascists.

Co-ops are awesome but don't address a community’s larger challenges.

Black intellectuals work in a world ruled by white gatekeepers.

Debate is stupid and self-care does not actually care for your self.

France’s Yellow Vest movement is not about fuel taxes.

We need to talk about rape.

The escalating human and financial cost of war means more death and destruction.

Pistachios might lead us to war with Iran.

We need to talk about suicide.

Capitalism has changed our values and who we are.

The leftist press in the US abandoned Brazil’s left during the coup. Trump is not a fascist, he’s just a patrimonialist — whatever that is.

Russia is far more than just being about Putin.



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