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Let strippers do their jobs: Precarity, police raids and the work of sex work.

Feb 10 2018

Hollywood wasn't raided after Weinstein, and VICE wasn't raided after the world learned what happened there. But we get raided for something out of our control, and by doing that they fracture any sort of relationship we could have with police or labor organizations in the government, because anything could be used against us - our words could be used to take away our livelihoods, and our rights.

Journalist and stripper Reese Piper explains how a series of police raids and closures of strip clubs in New Orleans threaten the lives of the city's dancers, and why really protecting strippers and sex workers means recognizing their work as work, and providing them labor rights and legal protections.

Reese wrote the Medium article New Orleans Is Trying to Shut Down Strip Clubs. Why This Puts My Life In Danger and the op-ed We're real people with bills to pay, have right to work without fear for The Advocate.

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Reese Piper

Reese Piper is a writer, stripper and journalist.


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