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Walls, Democrats and other borders to humane immigration policy.


Even for people who come here to work, there's often a very complicated context that drives that migration. The reason why there might be no work in the area, or why the work that is there is unsafe to do is often closely connected to historical conditions that have a lot to do with our economic and foreign policies. Specifically in Mexico and Central America, a lot of the violence we see there is connected to our foreign policy, our drug policy, and militarization around the border.

Current Affairs senior editor Brianna Rennix explores the possibilities of immigration policy in the Trump era - from the politics around and beyond the border wall, to the greater threats E-Verify and new asylum policies pose to the lives of immigrants - and explains why moving towards a humane immigration policy starts with recognizing the damage of decades of US military and economic policy beyond its own borders.

Brianna wrote the articles A Tale Of Two Atrocities: From Tululché to New Bedford and How Democrats Can Negotiate Effectively On Immigration for Current Affairs.

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Brianna Rennix

Brianna Rennix is the Senior Editor of Current Affairs.


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