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Saving the planet is a working class job: The case for ecosocialist transformation.


Nobody wants the environment to be destroyed, but the problem is that the capitalist class has an interest in blocking the measures that would be needed to prevent that destruction. So in that sense it is a class issue, and those who want to preserve the environment are forced to take measures which the capitalist class will resist until its dying day.

Writer Victor Wallis presents a socialist framework for ecological revolution - as global capitalism pushes the planet and everyone on it closer to crisis, only a transformative, working-class lead re-ordering of political and economic structures can deliver a safe, secure and healthy world for the future.

Victor is author of Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism from Political Animal Press.

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Victor Wallis

Victor Wallis is a writer and professor of Liberal Arts at the Berklee College of Music


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