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If you are stronger, we are stronger: Radical women unite in Zapatista territory.


We were encouraged to take a close look at how radical, and how effective, we are as an anti-capitalist and anti-patriarchal movement. Are our actions coordinated enough? Clearly, they're not. Are they focused enough? Do we really have a strategic vision at this critical point in history where there are so many attacks, not just against women - but against our communities, and against the planet itself.

CIP Americas director Laura Carlsen reports on the “First International Gathering of Politics, Art, Sport, and Culture for Women in Struggle” in Zapatista territory - an international gathering of radical women from around the world, in celebration of struggle and solidarity, and in opposition to the structures of capitalism and patriarchy.

The summit was covered by TeleSur in the article Over 5,000 Women Attend Zapatista's 'Women in Struggle' Summit.

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Laura Carlsen

Laura Carlsen is the director of the Americas program at the Center for International Policy.


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