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Liberation is not on the ballot: The case against voting for Democrats.


We shove all people of color into one political party, regardless of what they're political interest or class position may be. We basically say 'all working class people of color, you're in the Democratic Party, whether or not it represents your interests or perspectives or anything else.' And in fact this kind of 'lesser evilism' and 'harm reduction' argument is great at suppressing their political demands.

Activist Andrew Dobbs explains why workers and the poor lose every election, and how voting for the Democratic Party serves to reinforce capitalist domination over society - a stranglehold that won't be defeated through status quo politics, but through revolutionary organizing of the oppressed working class.

Andrew wrote the article No, Voting Democrat is Not “Harm Reduction” at Medium.

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Andrew Dobbs

Andrew Dobbs is an Activist, organizer, and writer based in Austin, Texas.


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