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With the migrant caravan, on the road to hemispheric working class solidarity.


The US working class is a transnational working class. It's a working class that necessarily comprises a diverse set of experiences, and people coming from different places. That's what needs to be considered - to push people to think a little more about what we mean when we say 'the American working class.' When we look at history, we see it's never been self-contained, and its most militant moments have not been a result of self-containment or inward focus.

Viewpoint Magazine's Magally Miranda Alcazar and Robert Cavooris trace the progress of the migrant caravan - as a rejection of the precarious conditions imposed on the people of Latin America, as a self-organized democratic collective exercising autonomy, and as a reminder to the US left that the American working class extends far beyond US borders, as should our solidarity.

Maga and Robert are members of the editorial collective that wrote the essay The Border Crossing Us for Viewpoint Magazine.

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Magally A. Miranda Alcazar

Maga is a second year MA/PhD student in Chicana/Chicano Studies at UCLA with an emphasis in Experimental Critical Theory. Her research explores domestic work in the gig economy. She’s a member of the editorial collective of Viewpoint Magazine and co-founder of the Marxist Xicanisma project SAL(T).



Robert Cavooris

Robert Cavooris is member of the Viewpoint editorial collective and the DSA Emerge caucus.


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