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Viktor Orbán tightens his grip on Hungary.


You know when they had advertisements for the candidates on poles? You can see clearly whose money was there. At the very top was a metal hanger with two nice looking posters, and that was Fidesz. In the middle was a single picture with a cardboard backing, that was Jobbik. Under that, kind of wrapped around and glued to the pole were all the parties on the left - and they were different ones because they weren't really together.

Our Man in Budapest, Todd Williams reports on the total non-surprise of last week's Hungarian elections - as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán won a fourth term easily, dominating the media with messaging on the specters of immigration and George Soros, consolidating and deepening his political power over Hungarian politics.

Chuck references Zselyke Csaky's Foreign Policy article Viktor Orban Is Just Getting Started.

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Todd Williams

Todd Williams is an African-American from Sacramento, California who has lived in Budapest, Hungary for the past 26 years, mostly by chance.


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