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Democracy can't interfere with the right's hold on power in Honduras.


In the term of Juan Orlando, they've overlooked a lot of his attacks on democracy. He has significantly consolidated power throughout the different branches of government, he's done away with a lot of checks and balances in the country, the security forces have been involved in gross violations of human rights - and there are some members of the Democratic Party that have tried to hold up US security assistance, but ultimately the US has looked the other way on a lot of abuses.

Journalist Sarah Kinosian reports on the collapsing state of democracy in Honduras - from the 2009 coup that placed the right in power, to the highly irregular 2016 election that kept Juan Orlando Hernández in office - and explains why the US and Western governments have tacitly accepted anti-democratic abuses in Latin America in return for short-term stability and cooperation on drug and migration policies.

Sarah wrote the articles Families fear no justice for victims as 31 die in Honduras post-election violence and US recognizes re-election of Honduras president despite fraud allegations for The Guardian.

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Sarah Kinosian

Sarah Kinosian is an independent journalist covering Mexico and Central America.


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