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The globalist's blindspot: The real problem with George Soros.

Jun 23 2018

Soros is the best you're going to get with meritocracy. He actually sees what's wrong with the system, and he actually tries to reform it. But the problem is that the very structure of meritocracy is so linked to a capitalist political economy that has become hereditary and oligarchical that even the best of the meritocracy can't see the problems that actually face our society, and promote the post-capitalist solutions necessary to address them.

Foreign policy analyst Daniel Bessner explores the blindspots in George Soros's worldview, beyond the wild conspiracy theories of the right, to the central flaws in the liberal financier's philanthropic efforts - a global vision of democracy without a public, belief in a business without politics, and the inability to see a future beyond capitalism.

Daniel wrote the article The Globalist: George Soros after the open society for N+1.

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Daniel Bessner

Daniel Bessner is the Anne H.H. and Kenneth B. Pyle Assistant Professor in American Foreign Policy in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington.


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