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Notes on the future of Cuban socialism.


The Cubans have bet for the last 60 years on labor discipline being a collective project, and people buying into that process. I think the writing of this new constitution is part of that - it's a very democratic process, and the more people buy into the re-writing of the constitution, and the more they feel in control of their own labor, the more they will buy into this socialist consciousness, which is the only alternative foundation to the threat of hunger and the threat of poverty that disciplines labor under capitalism.

Tom Hansen explores the future of Cuban socialism in the 21st century - as the state struggles under the weight of a decades-long US-imposed international trade embargo, the first new constitution of the post-Soviet era introduces market mechanisms into the economy while trying to remain committed to equity as a socialist value.

Tom wrote the article Challenges for Cuba's New Constitution for the Mexico Solidarity Network's website.

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Tom Hansen

Dr. Tom Hansen is the International Education Director of the Mexico Solidarity Network.


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