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There is nothing at the center of politics but endless war and austerity.


This is an attempt to neutralize Black public opinion from the conversation, while focusing on Black Democratic, corporate political personalities, and showcasing them as being representative of the conversation. The conversation is only cosmetically diverse. It is a corporate conversation that has some Black personalities mouthing the corporate line. That erases Black politics even though we see Black people moving their lips.

Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford explores the erasure of race and class politics under a corporate-captured center - as the Democratic establishment reacts to the threat of Donald Trump with its own attacks on the left, and a renewed commitment to global imperialism, permanent war abroad, and deep austerity at home.

Glen wrote the article The Great Un-Blackening: The Corporate Project to Erase Black People from Politics for Black Agenda Report.

Glen spoke to us from the Black is Back Coalition March in Washington, DC.

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