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What the New York Times doesn't write about when it writes about policing and White supremacy.


In the story I was writing about, that purports to be holding a magnifying glass to failures in US law enforcement, and what informs those, it was all about how things overlooked, and how the wrong agenda was chosen, and therefore law enforcement around the country messed up when it came to White supremacy. And the central problem of an idea like that, which might on the surface seem OK, is that it misses that policing itself is the problem. The call was coming from inside the house.

Writer Natasha Lennard explains what the press misses about the links between White supremacists and the police - from anecdotal, incidental reporting that misses the historical and structural anti-Blackness of law enforcement in the US, to the absent coverage of the movement for Black Lives, itself a challenge to the media's consistent blindspot on policing and racism.

Natasha wrote the article Even the FBI Thinks Police Have Links to White Supremacists - but Don’t Tell the New York Times for the Intercept.

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Natasha Lennard

Natasha Lennard is a writer and political analyst.


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