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Immigration, inequality and the labor of Latino baseball players.


We've seen this discourse in the media, 'take the politics out of sports, they have no place,' but sports have always been political. Every person that we spoke to brought up Jackie Robinson, and how baseball had Jackie eight years before the Supreme Court decided that segregation was unconstitutional. So yes, absolutely we should be taking a stance with Latino players.

Immigration researcher Karina Moreno examines the impact of immigration and labor laws on the lives of Latino baseball players - from the travel ban and wave of populist nativism in the Trump era, to the policies enforcing inequality and exploitation of minor leaguers at the base (and future) of a $10 billion-a-year industry.

Karina co-wrote the article Baseball, Latino America's pastime, faces new challenges in age of Trump with Mike Elk for The Guardian.

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Karina Moreno

Karina Moreno is an assistant professor in LIU Brooklyn’s School of Business, Public Administration, and Information Sciences.


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