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How women find a place - and power - on the far right.


I do think the left really needs to look how it's treating young women, and what they're selling young women. A lot of the girls I spoke to felt like their views really weren't being taken seriously on the left, and if you disagreed with someone you had to not be friends with them anymore. It was a much broader church, they said, they found on the right. You can disagree with someone and still be friends - and that was something they found really attractive about the right.

Journalist Lara Whyte examines the presence and participation of women in far-right and nationalist movements across the world - as a venue to find empowerment and identity within local political bodies, and as part of a larger online backlash against against the perceived overreaches of political correctness and feminism.

Lara co-wrote the article Why are women joining far-right movements, and why are we so surprised? with Claire Provost for openDemocracy's ongoing series on women and the far right.

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Lara Whyte

Lara Whyte is an investigative journalist and documentary and news producer.


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