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Not just about culture: Producing art and resistance under capitalism.


Our fight is not merely a cultural one - it's a material one. Many radicals don't want to deal with this because the kind of organizing it will take is harder. It's not like you can just say the right thing - you've got to figure out how to work with people and get people on your side that don't agree with you. You can't just find all the people that agree with you and hang out and walk together. How do you become the kind of person that galvanizes others?

Artist Boots Riley talks about life and work and producing culture under capitalism, the politics behind his film Sorry to Bother You, the importance of bringing working class people together, and what the Oakland longshoremen union can teach us about the power of labor and the promise of solidarity.

Boots is the writer and director of the new film Sorry to Bother You.

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Boots Riley

Boots Riley is a a musician, filmmaker and organizer.


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