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It feels like everyday life under the revolution: Growing a new world in Rojava.


It's not a utopia here. Life is very difficult. But there's the opportunity to learn from the local people who know very much about the land and the situation here, and to study to together, to build together, and to share knowledge. If there are people listening who are motivated by that, they should come here. It's an opportunity to contribute towards the goal of rejuvenating this land which has been liberated at such an enormous cost.

Matt Broomfield and Tolhildan of The Internationalist Commune of Rojava discuss the daily work of ecological and social revolution - from restoring the health of liberated lands, to learning new ways of living and working together.

Matt wrote the op-ed Here’s why we’re planting trees in northern Syria for The Independent. Dog Section Press is raising funds to publish the commune's book Make Rojava Green Again.

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Matt Broomfield

Matt Broomfield is a member of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava.




Tolhildan is a member of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava.


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