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Lula, the left, and the future of democracy in Brazil.


It's the manufactured consensus that's trying to create an idea in the heads of otherwise-progressive readers who might not know much about Brazil - that Lula's government was a failure, that he's guilty of corruption - so that someone like him can never be elected again, so Brazil can continue handing over its massive petroleum reserves to American corporations, so Boeing can purchase Brazil's largest aviation company, so they can continue to access Brazil's natural resources. They're performing a propaganda role to favor US government interests.

Live from São Paulo, correspondent Brian Mier reports on the imprisonment of former Brazlian president (and current leading candidate) Lula da Silva - as Brazil's left rallies in support, the Western media continues to push convenient propaganda about the story, and the prospect of a military takeover looms around October's election.

Brian co-wrote the article Lula's Arrest and the True State of the Brazilian Left with Rafael Ioris and Bryan Pitts for NACLA.

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Brian Mier

Brian Mier is co-editor at Brasil Wire, Brazil correspondant for TeleSur English's news program From the South, and host of Globalistas on TV 247. You can follow Brian on his Substack.


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