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American oblivion: Sinking and drowning in the Obama and Trump years.

Jun 23 2018

The idea of going door to door and scolding Trump voters is an extremely bad idea, because these are people you should be trying to win back. A lot of them switched from Obama to Trump. These are people that can be won back and should be won back. To scold them, as so many pundits enjoy doing, that is a path to destruction. The funny thing is it's satisfying for a lot of people - as satisfying as winning an election.

Writer Thomas Frank explores the collapsing political landscape of late-stage America - from the surging populism that put the right back in power, to the easily-erased half measures of a Democratic president and party that could have stopped it - and explains why the Trump chapter in American history is going to be at least 4 years longer than anyone expected.

Tom is author of Rendezvous with Oblivion: Reports from a Sinking Society from Metropolitan Books.

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Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is an author and founder of The Baffler.


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