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Hurricanes, juntas and other seasonal anxieties in Puerto Rico.


Everyone has a better sense of what it takes to get through this, and what it means to deal with your neighborhood and your house - so on a purely living-your-life level, everyone is prepared. Terrified, but prepared. As a society - as a group of people living on the level of 'we need to make electricity and distribute water and take care of ourselves as an island,' we're not prepared at all. We are screwed, and everyone knows that.

Our Man in San Juan, Dave Buchen reports on the invisible anxieties of life right now in Puerto Rico - under the threat of school closures, colonial daddy issues, the impositions of a fiscal junta, power outages, water shortages, damage from last year's storms and damage from this year's storms - but at least the left is its usual, splintered ineffective self.

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Dave Buchen

Dave Buchen has been living in Puerto Rico since the previous century. There he home-schools his two kids and makes theater with Theater Oobleck and El Teatro Barbaro, and plays music with La Banda Municipal de Makula Barun.


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