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A tech labor movement starts up in Silicon Valley.


There is this subset now of techies who, because they've experienced problems firsthand in a way the public hasn't, feel like they are caught up in a system that doesn't meet the vision and goals they signed up for when they took these jobs. If you're caught up in the monster and you see what its real inner-workings are, you get a sense of what needs to change, in a way that someone who just uses Facebook to talk to their family wouldn't be aware of these internal problems.

Writer Alex Press profiles the new labor movement working to disrupt power in Silicon Valley - as left-leaning white and blue collar workers in the tech industry explore startup labor organizing in the heart of a sector whose greatest innovation is control over both its workers and its users.

Alex wrote the article Code Red: Organizing the Tech Sector for n+1.

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Alex Press

Alex Press is a writer and associate editor at Jacobin.


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