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Understanding the energy economy of the world we have, and the world we need.


It's really difficult to have a sense of energy and material at the same time we are thinking about the economy. In the newspaper you read every day about the economy - but it never really discusses the material foundations of economic activity, it's mostly on the very abstract monetary level - profits and losses. That's the way we have been taught to consider the economy, and it's a huge task to change how we think.

Biophysical economist Paavo Järvensivu and philosopher Tere Vadén explore the near future economics of a world in capital and climate crisis - as an era of cheap energy comes to a close, and the consequences of burning carbon threatens human wellbeing, the state must lead a transition towards a new energy infrastructure.

Paavo and Tere are co-authors of the report Economic Transition Governance, a background document to a 2019 UN Global Sustainable Development Report.

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Paavo Järvensivu

Paavo Järvensivu is a biophysical economist at BIOS Research Unit.



Tere Vadén

Tere Vadén is a philosopher and researcher at BIOS Research Unit.


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