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This is working people standing up: A strike report from West Virginia.


The public has been overwhelmingly supportive of this movement. And this is not a party issue. This is a real 'us against them,' this is a real working people standing up against huge corporations. That's the beauty of it... But that's also the hardship of it.

Middle school teacher Angie Johnson explains why teachers are striking across West Virginia - to protest massive health insurance rate increases affecting public sector workers across the state, and to reclaim power from the corporate influence on state politics and their own compromised union leadership.

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Chuck mentions the articles Settling West Virginia Teachers Strike Could Hinge on Taxing Frackers at Payday Report and Do-It-Yourself Class Struggle at Jacobin.

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Angie Johnson

Angie Johnson is a reading and language arts teacher at Westwood Middle School in Morgantown, WV and member of North Central West Virginia DSA.


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