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Waiting for the next bully: Fat shaming in the medical industry, and everywhere else.


It almost sounds like a revolutionary proposal - to just leave other people alone, to let other people's weight and habits not be any of your business, but this is what we teach five year olds. It's not that difficult to reserve judgement about people you do not know. Yet people really resist this idea that you don't have some sort of moral obligation to shame people for a trait when you don't know anything about them. It's strange how much push-back I get about this.

Reporter Michael Hobbes explains what the public health industry gets wrong about obesity - from the large gap between scientific understanding and medical practice around weight gain and loss, to the psychologically harmful, unhealthy effects of fat shaming - in culture at large,

Michael Hobbes wrote the article Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong for Huffington Post's Highline.

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Michael Hobbes

Michael Hobbes is a journalist and co-host of the podcast You're Wrong About...


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