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On human movement in an age of shrinking states and expanding borders.


The crisis is what it's always been - Europe's treatment of unwanted migrants leaves people destitute, taking clandestine routes, using the services of smugglers and traffickers which might be providing a service, but at the same time exploiting people and exposing them to greater risk. And the real risk now is that as far-right politics come to the fore, this is going to get worse unless it's challenged.

Journalist Daniel Trilling explains why Europe's refugee crisis is really a global border crisis - exposing the failures of the state to aid the stateless in a warming, violent world, shifting political power from the failing liberal center to the surging far right, and devaluing freedom and human lives to prop up a crumbling order.

Daniel is author of Lights in the Distance: Exile and Refuge at the Borders of Europe from Verso.

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Daniel Trilling

Daniel Trilling is a journalist and the Editor of New Humanist magazine.


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