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Everyone I talked to was extremely disillusioned: A trip to Trumpsville


Above all, it's a vote out of desperation. It's a vote of 'I want my job back, I want my old life back, I want old town back.' It's not a revolutionary vote, it's a nostalgic vote. I don't even know how much faith people have in Donald Trump when they vote for him, that he's going to bring things back.

Writer Sarah Kendzior visits Metropolis, Illinois - a small town where decades of economic desperation and political isolation have longtime Democrats hoping for a Trump presidency - and then turns to Uzbekistan - where forced labor, religious oppression and a faltering economy could push the nation into political unrest.

Sarah and Umar Lee wrote Metropolis, the hometown of Superman, has a new hero: Donald Trump for The Guardian. We also dig into her report on freedoms in Uzbekistan for Freedom House's Nations in Transit series.

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Sarah Kendzior

Sarah Kendzior is a St. Louis-based writer, anthropologist and researcher.


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