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The media has an economy-shaped blindspot when covering young people.


Everyone kept saying the recession was cyclical, and what I was seeing was something more akin to an economic restructuring - and that was particularly true for younger people who were all of a sudden expected to have expensive credentials, to work for free in unpaid internships, to not see their wages change. This has been going on for eight years and I think people do recognize this restructuring as horrible, that traps people in a bad position, and we're finally grappling with the fact that this is our reality. So how do we get out of it?

Writer Sarah Kendzior explains what the media gets wrong about Millennials when they ignore the massive restructuring of the economy after the 2008 financial crash - mistaking precarity for flakiness and loss of options for lack of direction - and how a new generational wealth divide is manifesting itself not just in mass media, but across politics, opportunity and American society at large.

Sarah wrote the article The myth of millennial entitlement was created to hide their parents’ mistakes for Quartz.

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Sarah Kendzior

Sarah Kendzior is a St. Louis-based writer, anthropologist and researcher.


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