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Way more is possible: On depoliticization, resurgent radicalism and seeing the revolutionary horizon.


Unless the revolutionary threat is present, the existing institutions are resistant to transformation. When you have politicians - no matter what they represent - enter into the state, they're going to be severely constrained by what the state makes possible. And the state doesn't make anything but minor modifications within the existing reality possible. If you have that revolutionary challenge outside of the state... then you have the level of social challenge to the existing order that makes it possible to see those changes which really do improve people's lives.

Writer Asad Haider examines the problems of depoliticization in modern politics - as the dominant ideological frame blinds us to the limits of our present politics and the possibilities of future alignments, the left must confront the failures of past revolutions and realize that another world is not just possible, it's necessary.

Asad wrote the essay On Depoliticization for Viewpoint.

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Asad Haider

Asad Haider is a founding Editor of Viewpoint Magazine.


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