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Trump's violent tabloid spectacle lands on the Midwest.


He's always been very good at manipulating the media, at being a tabloid spectacle, and reveling in it. He doesn't have shame, which is a real asset in this campaign, and I think the media doesn't have shame either, so they're a perfect match. A perfect exploitative synergy.

Writer Sarah Kendzior reports back from a trip to the absurd theater of Donald Trump's St. Louis rally, where a click-hungry newsmedia and Midwesterners abandoned by political elites set the stage for a bizarre, contradictory spectacle reminiscent of Central Asian dictatorships.

Sarah wrote the recent articles Who won the Midwest? Not the people who live in it for the Globe and Mail and Trumpmenbashi: What Central Asia’s spectacular states can tell us about authoritarianism in America for The Diplomat.

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Sarah Kendzior

Sarah Kendzior is a St. Louis-based writer, anthropologist and researcher.


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