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Taiwan's two biggest COVID-19 worries are the US and China.


A lot of it goes back to the willingness of the government to intervene in private companies, rather than allow private companies to try to make a profit off this, to let the invisible hand of the free market figure out what supplies are needed. This kind of central coordination was key in Taiwan and other countries, democratic or not - Vietnam is not a democratic country. These countries' responses were more effective because of their willingness to intervene.

Live from Taipei, New Bloom editor Brian Hioe reports on COVID-19 politics in Taiwan - as the nation's center-left government balances pandemic control with expanded surveillance, its biggest threats to stability come from the instability of military powers China and the United States.

Brian wrote the article Chinese Military Increases Activity Around Taiwan During COVID-19 Pandemic and for New Bloom.

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Brian Hioe

Brian Hioe is a writer and editor for New Bloom Magazine.


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