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What's the matter with Bernie? Identity politics on the campaign trail and beyond.


He's utilizing a very similar kind of progressive rhetoric to what Jesse Jackson talked about, but it's being seen by the White working class as acceptable, because it's not a Black progressive. But on the other hand, African Americans are not buying into it. They're not seeing it as someone speaking for them, because of that suspicion African Americans have had about populism - that in American populism is something used against African Americans.

John K. Wilson stops by the studio to analyze Bernie Sanders's low polling numbers with Black voters (and the racial boundaries of progressive populism,) and looks into clashes between political correctnes and free speech, both on the campaign trail and on college campuses.

John was recently referenced in Clarence Page's column What this politically (in)correct campaign tells us.


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John K. Wilson

John K. Wilson is an author and co-editor of The Academe Blog.


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