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Understanding the New York Times's anti-Sanders campaign.


What happens a lot in the media is people just repeat conventional wisdom nuggets that don't have any basis to them, and you hear them enough times that you start to think they're real. People conflate pragmatism and realism with ideology, so they think they're just stating the truth and they don't realize there are all these interests who want us to see things a certain way. And poll after poll showed that Sanders was more electable than Trump, but somehow that narrative never crept into any mainstream media.

Writer / podcaster Katie Halper examines the ideological bias deep in the New York Times's coverage of Bernie Sanders, revealing the class loyalty of the paper's reporters and editors, and the fundamental liberal-left conflict that must be won (by the left) for the working class to have any chance at beating Trump in 2020.

Katie wrote the articles Sydney Ember’s Secret Sources and  MSNBC’s Anti-Sanders Bias Makes It Forget How to Do Math for FAIR.

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Katie Halper

Katie Halper is a writer and host of the podcasts The Katie Halper Show and Useful Idiots with Matt Taibbi.


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