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The rules don't apply: The politics of Trump's performance.


He's a reality TV star, and politics is the latest reality TV show. And so things like contradictions, or saying stupid things that normally destroy a political candidacy of a typical politician - they don't apply to Trump. Because he's a character in this grand television show that politics have turned into.

Author John K. Wilson examines the bizarre, chaotic, highly successful presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and explains how the candidate shifted the stage from the political to the tabloid, turning an election into a reality TV show, and voter anger at the establishment into a faux-populism that promises alternatives to everything, and ultimately benefits nobody but the carnival barker at the center of the crowd.

John is author of the new book Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire from OR Books.

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John K. Wilson

John K. Wilson is an author and co-editor of The Academe Blog.


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