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Episode 886


Feb 6 2016

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Premilla Nadasen

Democrats on welfare: Bill Clinton's racialized attack on the poor.

Historian Premilla Nadasen explains how Bill Clinton's "reforms" dismantled America's welfare system by criminalizing the poor, redirecting resources from families to private interests, and strengthening levels of surveillance and punishment that mark the modern mass incarceration state.

Premilla wrote the new Jacobin article How a Democrat Killed Welfare.




John K. Wilson

What's the matter with Bernie? Identity politics on the campaign trail and beyond.

John K. Wilson stops by the studio to analyze Bernie Sanders's low polling numbers with Black voters (and the racial boundaries of progressive populism,) and looks into clashes between political correctnes and free speech, both on the campaign trail and on college campuses.

John was recently referenced in Clarence Page's column What this politically (in)correct campaign tells us.




Andrea Muehlebach

Fighting for water and democracy against the neoliberal flood.

Anthropologist Andrea Muehlebach finds water and democracy at odds in Italy, where political elites subverted the will of 95% of voters to set in motion plans to privatize water, and explains how national governments have placed the demands (and profits) of the financial sector above the safety and human rights of its citizens, from Campania to Flint, Michigan.

Andrea wrote the ROAR Mag article How to kill the demos: the water struggle in Italy.



Nick Srnicek

The fight for a postcapitalist society is happening right now.

Political theorist Nick Srnicek explains how a defeated left lost its vision of a world beyond capitalism, why looming wide-scale automation offers future of either worsened exploitation or emancipation from wage-labor, and what the left can do now to reclaim the future.

Nick is co-author of Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work from Verso Books.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine



Nicole Phillips

A guide to the Haitian elections that never happened.

Attorney Nicole Phillips traces the roots of Haiti's current electoral crisis to its last one, when Michael Martelly won office in deeply flawed elections pushed by international forces on an country weakened by an earthquake and cholera epidemic, and explains how Martelly's unconstitutional rule, halfway legitimized by the US, chokes any progress for building a system of fair and safe elections in Haiti.



Jeff Dorchen

How much inequality, despair, poverty and friendship can a person take?

Jeff Dorchen gets around to endorsing Bernie Sanders, but not before revealing Bill Clinton's greatest trick, what he likes about Hillary's Big Chill pragmatism, what he doesn't like about Hillary's Big Money opportunism, the limits of selective realism, the challenges of snowball course alteration, and the joys of monotonous warnings about economic inequality.