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How the South Korean government made a left-wing political party disappear.


It’s certainly an undemocratic move, and a lot of people say it’s Korean-style McCarthyism. This national security law has been a problem forever. Even the two liberal presidents in the 90s failed to overturn the law because there were things they found convenient about it.

Live from Seoul, Marc Flury explains why American journalism gets so much wrong about the Koreas, then dives into a major story involving a disallowed political party, charges of rebellion and the limits of democracy in South Korea.

Marc also talks about THUMPER, his upcoming video game, which promises space beetles, unified gameplay and soundtrack, and rhythm violence.

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Marc Flury

With limited Korean language ability, Marc Flury consistently out-scoops the US media by translating and re-reporting Korean headline news. He’s interested in inter-Korean relations, North Korean economic development, and US military presence in the Pacific. Marc is also a game developer, and co-creator of THUMPER, a rhythm violence game.


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