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This is the will of the people: On the long, sudden end of the Korean War.


There's a lot of different narratives to describe what's happening. The common one from the US media and politicians is that North Korea is a rogue nation, they need to be disciplined, they need to give up their weapons, we've got to get them to acquiesce - then they can join us in the civilized world. Another narrative is that Korea is one nation, it's long been exploited by foreign militaristic powers, ravaged by a horrible civil war, and they're struggling to be free of colonialism - and reunification is the final step... In the long duration of history, maybe that second narrative is really a more accurate one.

Live from Seoul, correspondent Marc Flury reports on the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un - from the meeting's promising first steps towards peace and reconciliation between North and South Korea, to the long road leading to denuclearization and economic integration across the Korean peninsula.

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Marc Flury

With limited Korean language ability, Marc Flury consistently out-scoops the US media by translating and re-reporting Korean headline news. He’s interested in inter-Korean relations, North Korean economic development, and US military presence in the Pacific. Marc is also a game developer, and co-creator of THUMPER, a rhythm violence game.


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