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Missile diplomacy, peace talks and other Olympic events.


There was a lot of encouraging, and if anything, emotional displays of unity and desire for peace between the two Koreas. At least the Olympics did some good. If nothing else, the images you saw on your TV screen - two Koreas marching under one reunification flag, a North Korean and South Korean teaming up to carry the torch, the joint hockey team - all of that makes the recent war-mongering look pretty ridiculous. It's really obvious what would happen if the Koreas were left to their own devices.

Live from Seoul, correspondent Marc Flury reports on the political background of the Winter Olympics - from the encouraging / symbolic displays of unity between North and South Korea, to President Moon Jae-in's handling of both Trump's threats of aggression towards the DPRK and Chinese anger over an American missile program on the peninsula.

Marc's video game, THUMPER, is out now for iPhone. It's wild.

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Marc Flury

With limited Korean language ability, Marc Flury consistently out-scoops the US media by translating and re-reporting Korean headline news. He’s interested in inter-Korean relations, North Korean economic development, and US military presence in the Pacific. Marc is also a game developer, and co-creator of THUMPER, a rhythm violence game.


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