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Provocation crosses the North Korean border in both directions.


A big reason people like to talk about North Korea as crazy or unpredictable is that Kim Jong Il looked a lot like Dr. Evil, and Kim Jong Un looks kinda like a petulant man-baby, but the truth is their behavior has been quite consistent, and it's certainly rational. US and South Korean policy hasn't changed much in the past 10 years since the nuclear tests started, so we shouldn't be surprised their behavior hasn't changed.

Live from Seoul, Marc Flury provides context to North Korea's nuclear amibitions - as well as American (sanctions, B-52 fly bys) and South Korean (KPop?) responses - and explains why the worsening political situation between the nations is more a result of predictable behavior on all sides, and how the most diplomatic solution to the decades long crisis is attainable, and came from the northern side of the demilitarized zone.

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Marc Flury

With limited Korean language ability, Marc Flury consistently out-scoops the US media by translating and re-reporting Korean headline news. He’s interested in inter-Korean relations, North Korean economic development, and US military presence in the Pacific. Marc is also a game developer, and co-creator of THUMPER, a rhythm violence game.


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