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The Constitution was a class project: Why liberal democracy is not for you.


The goal, for people who believe in radical democracy, as opposed to the very limited liberal democracy that we are today, is to get rid of the Constitution, and create a more radical - I would call a socialist - constitution, which would take into account all the real, popular needs. In order to participate meaningfully in the political process, people have to be able to democratically decide how to work in their workplaces, decide on their education, their healthcare, access to resources, to food, to housing - without all these things, you can't have a real democracy.

Political scientist Yekaterina Oziashvili examines the true nature of the US Constitution and the liberal democracy it charted out - by protecting private property and elite control over politics and pushing liberties over positive obligations of the state - and explains what a socialist constitution would mean for society, its citizens and for radical democracy.

Yekaterina wrote the article The U.S. Constitution and the Myth of Liberal Democracy for Left Voice.

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Yekaterina Oziashvili

Yekaterina Oziashvili teaches Politics at Sarah Lawrence College.


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