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Episode 836

Circular Movement

Feb 14 2015

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Jesús Castillo

Podemos Rising: The Spanish path from dissent to a new democratic reality.

Parliamentary candidate Jesús Castillo connects the rise of Podemos to the lessons learned by the Indignados, and talks about building a new political future for everyday Spaniards tired of the ‘same shit’ offered by the mainstream left.

The origins of Podemos are covered by Luke Stobart in a must-read, three-part series at Left Flank.



Marc Flury

How the South Korean government made a left-wing political party disappear.

Live from Seoul, Marc Flury explains why American journalism gets so much wrong about the Koreas, then dives into a major story involving a disallowed political party, charges of rebellion and the limits of democracy in South Korea.

Marc also talks about THUMPER, his upcoming video game, which promises space beetles, unified gameplay and soundtrack, and rhythm violence.



Brian Mier

A report from the chaotic, drunken equality of Brazil's Carnival.

Life from Sao Paulo, Brian Mier puts down his beer just long enough to explain why the real Carnival is a loud, crazy celebration of fun, friendship and Afro-Brazilian culture.

Brian wrote the piece Into the Heart of Carnaval for the India Gazette London.



Kevan Harris

Iran deals with sanction-hawks abroad and environmental crisis at home.

Kevan Harris reports on two big stories – the nearing completion (96.5%) of a US-Iran nuclear deal, and a growing civil movement focusing on addressing Iran’s environmental degradation.



Keller Easterling

The frontier of political power lies beyond the state and between emerging corporate actors.

Architect Keller Easterling defines the concept of Extrastatecraft – where the formulas and networks of global capitalism forge new political realities between states and non-state actors.

Keller is the author of the new book Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space, which is sort of hard to describe, but amazing.



Jeff Dorchen

An Oscar acceptance speech for all the outcasts, from Selma to Mars.

Self-plagiarizing Taoist philosopher Jeff Dorchen accepts the Academy award on behalf of the snubbed, the ignored, the non-white, and his favorite Martian.