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We're screwed, but we're fine: Good news and bad news from Puerto Rico.


You walk down the street and you say 'how are you doing?' and everyone says 'todo bien,' and todo bien means 'I don't have any electricity, but I have a house and my family is safe and I have access to water. Everyone says 'yeah, I'm fine - you know, we're screwed, but we're fine.'

Our Man in San Juan, Dave Buchen checks in from post-Hurricane Irma Puerto Rico to let us know he's doing fine - and that doing fine right now means means being alive with your family, eating peanut butter sandwiches in the dark with the rest of the island, united by a natural disaster, and against the man-made financial ones to come.

Dave recommends donating to the Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund, if you can help out.

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Dave Buchen

Dave Buchen has been living in Puerto Rico since the previous century. There he home-schools his two kids and makes theater with Theater Oobleck and El Teatro Barbaro, and plays music with La Banda Municipal de Makula Barun.


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