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I'm not at a protest anymore, I'm at a rebellion: Greetings from Puerto Rico.


From the moment the first tear gas canister was thrown and the protestors stuck around, everyone knew they were going to win. Every protest was also a celebration of itself and the belief that there was no turning back. Everyone was filled with utter confidence and utter optimism.

Our Man in San Juan, Dave Buchen sketches a view from the streets as Puerto Rico's protest movement fought through cops and tear gas to topple their governor, and looks ahead to the bigger, harder tasks of confronting the island's fiscal junta, and delivering a new society for all Puerto Rican people.

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Dave Buchen

Dave Buchen has been living in Puerto Rico since the previous century. There he home-schools his two kids and makes theater with Theater Oobleck and El Teatro Barbaro, and plays music with La Banda Municipal de Makula Barun.


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