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One step forward, three steps back: A report from Puerto Rico's futuro dystopian.


It is a national apocalyptic moment, in which everyone's relationship to their work, to living in the tropics, to the United States - has really been ripped bare, and it's still way to early to say 'and it's gonna to this...' but I think everyone thinks 'oh, that's where we are, that's how the US government treats us, that's how we have to survive.' Interesting times, as the proverb goes.

Our Man (usually in) San Juan stops by the studio to flip through Avon's gift guide for the Puerto Rican apocalypse, explain what it's like to live with the massive failures of both electrical and political power systems, and how the storms have revealed the utopian nature of people, and the dystopian nature of our government.

Dave is in town to work on Theatre Oobleck's Apocalypse Cabaret: A Benefit for Puerto Rican Artists in November.

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Dave Buchen

Dave Buchen has been living in Puerto Rico since the previous century. There he home-schools his two kids and makes theater with Theater Oobleck and El Teatro Barbaro, and plays music with La Banda Municipal de Makula Barun.


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