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A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan's guide to the Puerto Rican debt crisis.


It all started in 1492. Because colonies exist for one reason: to enrich the colonizer. And the Junta is simply the latest tool to do that. Luckily, into every generation a slayer is born, one girl in all the world, the chosen one. So here's to that 19 year old girl with the keys to the university, and let's hope she kicks some serious evil butt once and for all, in the series finale.

Our Man in San Juan, Dave Buchen outlines the Puerto Rican debt crisis, with help from the narrative framework of the 1997 WB series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and explains why this season's austerity-obsessed Junta are really just a re-casting of the colonial Big Bad, first introduced way back in season one.

Dave's theater is raising money for their final Baudelaire / painting / performance series in August. Looks very good.

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Dave Buchen

Dave Buchen has been living in Puerto Rico since the previous century. There he home-schools his two kids and makes theater with Theater Oobleck and El Teatro Barbaro, and plays music with La Banda Municipal de Makula Barun.


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