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On refugees, right-wingers, and direct democracy in Switzerland.


For all practical, political, concrete purposes, Europe doesn't exist. The lack of coherent response to the refugee crisis is proof of that. And if it exists at all in any concrete way, it's just a finance cartel. But that's a different issue...

Live from Aarau, Ed Sutton reports on the political polarization caused by Europe's refugee situation - where the anti-refugee right and the open-borders left do their work in the vacuum left by government innaction, and referendums reflect wide swings between regressive and progressive policies. Ed also plugs the essay Vacation in Rigonce, which we're including here because we're plugging it too.

Ed does the the reporting himself, but Antidote has been transcribing and publishing stories on Switzerland and the refugee crisis all year.

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Ed Sutton

Ed Sutton is musical instrument builder by trade, lives in Switzerland and writes about radical urban and social justice movements at Antidote Zine.


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