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I want to quote a comrade who said something that I think is pretty inflammatory, but the sort of thing that is worth saying and worth hearing for leftists trying to organize right now. The way she put it was 'leftists prefer to fight other leftists, instead of the state, capital and fascism - because they know other leftists won't hurt them.' It's a form of cowardice in a way.

Correspondent Ed Sutton watches the left run out the clock fighting itself - from the growing strains of conspiracism in post-Occupy Europe, to the fractured, cannibalized nature of the online left in the US - while the fascist creep keeps creeping, disinformation spreads and the planet heats to the boiling point.

Ed references the pieces The Origins of Antifa: A short historical analysis of Antifascist Action and The War Is (Also) In Our Heads, both translated and posted at Antidote Zine.

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Ed Sutton

Ed Sutton is musical instrument builder by trade, lives in Switzerland and writes about radical urban and social justice movements at Antidote Zine.


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