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Suddenly this mass witnessing: Police violence and the politics of the image in France.


One the one hand there's a raised consciousness around police brutality amongst people who wouldn't don't generally suffer it directly, and on the other hand, the police's job is being extended and they're having to do things like police lockdowns and enforce austerity because people are responding to their material conditions and feeling squeezed. So the police are radicalizing in response to ordinary people radicalizing.

Writer Rona Lorimer on new French laws targetting dissent and sharing of images of police officers in a time of mass protest, austerity and COVID-19 lockdown and her articles Pity the Poor Police: New Laws to Back the Blue for Brooklyn Rail and Images Against Images for Endnotes.

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Rona Lorimer

Rona Lorimer is a writer and translator who lives in Paris.


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