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Episode 981

Age Gap

Dec 9 2017

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Malcolm Harris

This worsening experience: Millennial life and labor under end-stage capitalism.

Writer Malcolm Harris examines the short history and dark future of Millennials under capitalism - from the tolls of a managed childhood under the shadow of economic and environmental precarity, to the grim realities of adulthood under neoliberal rule and corporate exploitation - and hopes for the revolutionary potential of a generation with no other choice.

Malcolm is author of Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials from Little, Brown and Company.



Brianna Rennix

Moving immigration policy leftwards, beyond fear and profit.

Writer Brianna Rennix outlines a left approach to building a humane immigration policy - rejecting both the nationalist exploitation of the Republican right, and the weak rightward compromises of the Democratic Party - towards a policy centered on safety, labor solidarity, and legal representation for workers and families on every side of the border.

Brianna wrote the article What Would Humane Immigration Policy Look Like? for Current Affairs.



Flint Taylor

Remembering the assassination of Fred Hampton, and the threat to Black liberation today.

Civil rights attorney Flint Taylor recalls the murder of Black Panther Fred Hampton at the hands of the state in a pre-dawn raid 48 years ago, and connects the ideology and language of the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO directive against Black radicals of the 1960s to a new report issued by the FBI on Black Liberation movements in America today.

Flint wrote the op-ed On 48th Anniversary of Fred Hampton's Murder, Rampant Surveillance of Black Liberation Movements Continues for Truthout.

Interview transcript via Antidote Zine



Jake Johnston

Narcopolitics, electoral collapse and the perpetual US hand in Honduras.

Journalist Jake Johnston reports on a drug trafficking investigation implicating the Honduran Minister of Security, and connects the larger crises of current Honduran politics - the 2009 coup and its corrupt government, violent repression of protestors and the consolidation of military and political power into one party - to decades of Washington approval, and aid, for the ruling elite.

Jake wrote the article Top U.S.-Backed Honduran Security Minister Is Running Drugs, According to Court Testimony for The Intercept.



Amanda Baker

Bridging the gap between scientific terminology and popular understanding.

Writer Amanda Baker examines the communication gap between scientific terminology and popular understanding - from obstacles individuals face when processing new or difficult-to-grasp concepts, to the larger conflicts between how the public, the media and scientists themselves present and talk about the world around us.

Amanda wrote the articles Hiding Clear Ideas behind Unclear Words and Recognizing False Beliefs: More Than Chimneys and Reindeer for Scientific American's Budding Scientist column.



David Roth

The soft, pink strongman spikes the football: Thoughts on the NFL's downward spiral.

Writer David Roth explores the imperial rot deep in the heart of the NFL's ownership class - from its performative, for-profit, (and backfiring) displays of nationalism, to a larger crisis of decadent, short-term gain seeking in the face of looming, inevitable decline - one that looks a lot like America's other, favorite losing game.

David wrote the article Downward Spiral: A fan’s notes on the decline of the NFL for The Baffler.



Jeff Dorchen

A cereal eater's guide to Vietnamese communism and social upheaval in general.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen pours himself a big bowl of cereal and reads all about different types of milk, the half a century of anti-colonial resistance in Vietnam, the violence within social upheaval, the complications of Rich White Christian Men, and the promise of universal rights for everybody else at the table.

Read the transcript here