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Moving immigration policy leftwards, beyond fear and profit.


You very frequently see Democrats talk about how we're a nation of immigrants, and immigration is wonderful and has been great for the US, and that the right's opposition to immigration is just racism and xenophobia - but there's no larger vision for what immigration should look like. And I see this in some ways as being parallel to the way we've had no large vision for what healthcare should look like.

Writer Brianna Rennix outlines a left approach to building a humane immigration policy - rejecting both the nationalist exploitation of the Republican right, and the weak rightward compromises of the Democratic Party - towards a policy centered on safety, labor solidarity, and legal representation for workers and families on every side of the border.

Brianna wrote the article What Would Humane Immigration Policy Look Like? for Current Affairs.

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Brianna Rennix

Brianna Rennix is the Senior Editor of Current Affairs.


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