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We're comfortable being indoctrinated: On Biden and the imperial past.


We don't want to think of ourselves as just the latest in a series of great powers, not particularly different from any of the other great powers that have paraded across history's great stage. And I think that's one of the reasons why it's very difficult for us to consider the possibility that our moment at the center of the state may be coming to an end. That the so-called 'American century' could be over. Joe Biden's never going to acknowledge that. Joe Biden is going to say the American century is intended to go on forever.

Historian Andrew Bacevich on the deep gap between American foreign policy and its professed values, Joe Biden and the post-Trump 'recalibration' back towards the military-industrial complex, his article On Shedding an Obsolete Past: Biden Defers to the Blob for TomDispatch.

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